A Walk Through Periwinkle's Physical Realm

Imagine you are having a lazy day where you just want to get out of town and enjoy some nature and positive Earth energy, so you decide to take a drive to this little witch shop in the woods you heard about. You turn off the highway onto this steep driveway into the woods.  There is a landing and you see a sign that tells you, you can park there and walk up the hill if you are inclined or take the jackknife turn and continue up the driveway past another landing then reaching the top you park in a spot to the right of the garage.  Then as you take the sidewalk from the driveway to the shop you walk along the edge of my beautiful flower garden. There in the center of the garden will be an iron table and chair set with roses in the design, surrounded by flowers, bumble bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies and faeries.  As you approach my shop you notice my house in need of fresh paint or siding and new windows and think to yourself "this is sketchy". But when you turn up the path and come face to face with Periwinkle's Physical Realm you see that the shop has a lovely fresh coat of sage green paint and that the windowsills though old and worn are freshly painted white. Just like a country cottage.

The door to the shop is surprisingly new and beautifully white with a pretty half window on top. There is a lovely sign on it hand painted and beautifully decorated that reads "Welcome to Periwinkle's Realm... Explore the Magickal Realms with us!" As you go to open the door you notice all of the beautiful decorations and bright colors in the garden by the door.

When you walk through the door you hear the light tinkle of chimes. When you look around the inside of the shop you see beautifully painted concrete walls and a tile floor covered in comfy area rugs. You can tell the tile is outdated but that just adds to the charm of the place.  On the ceiling there is fabric of some sort tacked to it giving it a billowy cozy feeling. There are twinkling faerie lights all along the ceiling and two table and chair sets like the one in the garden in front of the windows overlooking the garden... and WHAT is that SMELL?!! You smell heavenly tea and herbs! The whole place emanates this blissfully natural aroma of incense, oils, herbs, and tea; and you  catch yourself thinking "yeah... I could spend a lot of time here."

As you look to your right you see what was once an old bar but has been turned into a quaint apothecary. The shelves are filled with jars of herbs, oils, and teas. Then you turn to the middle of the shop and see tables set up with gemstones and jewelry hanging from decorations, filling antique dishes, some on wire racks and there are shelves along the wall on your left filled with books, altar cloths, athames, cauldrons and all sorts of magickal items to delight any witch. 

Then you notice a curtained off space in the back and wonder what is back there, not knowing that Periwinkle keeps a beautiful altar on the other side of that curtain for magickal works and the occasional reading. You then turn around thinking you could really go for a cup of that wonderful smelling tea when you notice a bookshelf full of books. There is a cute little sign on it that says "go ahead and read me"... you realize that it is a mini witch library! How delightful;so you walk over to the apothecary to see about getting a cup of tea when you see all kinds of handcrafted spell bottles, candles, and jars. You think to yourself how nice and handy a spell already done and ready to go. You look up to see an antique mirror on the wall behind the apothecary and then you notice just to the right of the mirror is a little Witch standing there watching you. She has a bright beaming smile and huge dark greenish grey eyes and long purpleish hair. 

She says "Good morning, I'm Periwinkle, welcome to my shop, make yourself comfortable and let me know if there is anything I can do for you!" "Would you like a cup of tea?"  You think to yourself "yes... I can definitely relax and destress here." You take the cup of tea handed to you by the little Witch who seems to emanate love and happiness. With your antique tea cup you head over to the bookshelf select an interesting book on herbs and settle into a chair by the window where you drink your tea, read in peace, and enjoy the view of the beautiful garden with all of it's inhabitants.

You grab some incense, a few herbs, and a bag of that heavenly tea you enjoyed so much and made your way back down the hill and back to the real world away from the peace and beauty known as Periwinkle's Realm. As you drive away;you remember the shopkeeper 'Periwinkle' and how she sweetly bid you a beautiful day and blessed you as you left. I need to visit there more often you tell yourself with a smile.

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  • This sounds beautiful when can I visit!


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