The Creation of Periwinkle's Physical Realm "The Witch Shop In The Woods"

The creation of Periwinkle's Physical Realm has been a work in progress.  It has taken much thought and planning to choose a location just perfect for this Magickal Endeavor. After weighing the possibilities and the pros and cons of all options, I have decided to renovate a large space on my property in the woods for this Enchanted Shop! Yes my driveway is steep and gravel however once the tortures of winter have been smoothed out of it, it is simple to navigate.  I didn't want to open a shop in town because the whole point of a Witch Shop in the Woods is so that other Witches, Pagans, Herbalists, Nature Lovers, and anyone else, can come enjoy a bit of Nature and or Adventure out of the bustle of "City Life". 

What better place for this than a shop on my property in the woods with a beautiful view of the Wisconsin River and surrounded by 300 acres of woods!  This being said there are definitely going to be some challenges.  The renovations are not going to come cheap and as I don't believe in using credit I will be paying for this renovation out of my own pocket.  However because I have no one to answer to and no loans to worry about paying back I can do this at my own pace!

I have already started on this.  Here is a list of the projects (adventurous challenges) I must complete.  The space I am renovating is a large room that was built on to my garage many years ago (our home was built in the 1880's).  This room was once all decked out as a recreation room complete with a bar and many other wonders.  However in this day and age the room was crammed full of stuff mostly junk and became unused and unloved.  That's where I come in!

Starting a few weeks ago I set out to bring new life to this space.  Now I am no carpenter and even though I am determined I am but a mere Witch at 5'6 and 125 lbs and my helper is my 15 year old who is smaller than me (not slave labor). This being said we removed everything from this room! Hauled it all off to the dump every last bit (except the antiques).  We then tore up the felt that was put down instead of carpet.  We tore all of the tiles up that were on the floor under that and voila... an ugly cement floor... it's ok I can make it pretty.  Then we tore all of the ugly paneling off of the walls and ugh... more concrete. But now I am down to bare floors and bare walls here comes the fun part right?

Starting tomorrow I will be painting said floors and walls a beautiful green color to bring some of the woods inside.  Don't worry I am being well supervised by my lead carpenter Petunia the peahen, and am being advised by my wonderful boyfriend who is a carpenter.  Once the place has a fresh coat of paint, I will be relying on my wonderful boyfriend to put in new outlets, new light fixtures, new doors, and drywall on two of the walls. After that is done i get to fill the Witch Shop in the Woods with great wonders!  I will keep everyone posted with updated blogs and more importantly updated with an opening date.

Blessed Be!


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