Periwinkle's Realm Established 2018

Owned & operated by myself as a Solitary Practitioner, Periwinkle's Realm was officially launched in August of 2018. After being guided by the Divine & Petunia the peahen, I set forth on a magickal journey to my true calling in life. The story behind Petunia is that one day in June of 2018 she just appeared at my home.  Now I live in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin... sooo... not really a place that a peahen would just wander into.  She has been here every since and she watches over all of us and protects us from anything that would encroach upon our home.

In this lifetime I have made the decision to dedicate my life to healing  and teaching others about nature and aiding them in their awakening to a higher consciousness and showing them the magick that exists within them. Through the practice of witchcraft I create handmade potions, bath /body products, candles, ritual kits and more. I put so much time & thought into everything I create; whether it is designing the labels, choosing my supplies, creating the product, how i will package it, or how i will photograph it, I strive to find a meaning for every detail. Everything you see in my shop was created with love and pure intent.

Everyday I learn something new and appreciate all that I have been given. Being a witch is more than waving a wand or doing a reading; it is who you are all the time not just when it's convenient.  It's a lifelong practice of obtaining knowledge and wisdom and remembering who you are before the chaos of this world forced you to forget. I choose to call myself a white witch , because I do not wish to cause harm on another. Although this world is full of shades of grey. I focus my energy to the greater good. In return I am gifted with happiness, love, and the feeling that I am fulfilling my true path in life. 

Since childhood I was surrounded by the otherworldly. I could always see and hear and know things others could not.  However it was not until I hit 40 that I felt I could come out of the broom closet and truly be myself to live my life as I saw fit and to dedicate myself to my studies and fully embrace it. Now I live happily in the midst of  nature practicing and studying from sunrise to sunset, getting re-acquainted with my very old soul. Open your heart and soul to the magickal enchantment all around you and you will never regret a moment of your life. 
It is still a work in progress, I am finally at the stage where I am renovating a location for my physical shop to hopefully open up in May of 2019. Now I sell some crafts on Etsy please join me in this adventure!

I hope you enjoyed my story!
Blessed Be