Apollo's Healing Energy Melts
Apollo's Healing Energy Melts

Apollo's Healing Energy Melts God Collection Crystal Charged

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Apart from being the Sun God Apollo is also the God of music, truth and prophecy, healing, plague and poetry.  As well as a great Healer He is the bringer of healing and energetic light, giving power and strength.

These Apollo Melts are created with a 100% natural soy wax yellowish orange in color for Solar Energy and Power.  Infused with sunflower petals, bay leaves, all spice and anise star and scented with my Apollo oil made with all natural essential oils of  lily of the valley, anise and sunflower.

This candle is blessed and crystal charged with sunstone.

Many of us see the Sunflower as harnessing energy of the Sun itself, making it useful for positive magick and lightwork.  The light contained in it's yellow petals radiates strength useful for dispelling depression and encouraging a healthy sense of pride. Star anise for good luck, happiness and money. Bay leaves may be added to any spell or potion designed to enhance psychic ability and is a great addition to a psychic dream pillow.

Sunstone- in ancient Greece, Sunstone was used to represent the Sun God, Helios (or Apollo). Ancient Greeks believed Sunstone invigorated and greatly improved the state of the physical body and the spirit, bringing renewed strength and good health to both.

The wonderful Apollo oil pulls it all together making this mystical candle a powerful healing and energizing tool.

This magickal hand-crafted 3 oz. melt is perfect for gaining healing energy and strength, spell craft, or even as subtle magickal energy boost for the home.  It has been magickally charged for the purpose of gaining energy and strength.

May you find the Strength and happiness you seek


These are made to order there will be variations in stones, herb size and color as these are handmade

*All sales are final*

Store in a cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near flammable items like curtains.