Ares Spell Candle God Collection
Ares Spell Candle God Collection

Ares Spell Candle God Collection

Periwinkle's Realm
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This hand crafted Ares Spell Candle is perfect for any kind of spell work to do with having Courage, Passion, and Protection from your foes. Ares is the God of war and passion. Use this when you need to take action.  

 My Ares Spell Candle is scented with a  beautiful Dragon's blood fragrance oil, essential oils of Ginger, Basil and Dragons Blood. Infused with Wormwood, Allspice and Basil Crystal Charged with Bloodstone, Garnet and Red Jasper.

Wormwood has great protective powers great for protecting one from any enemies.

Allspice is great for luck when going into battle or when facing a formidable force.

Basil helps to soothe tempers and is great for protection.

Dragon's Blood works wonderfully for protection and to add potency to the spells.

Ginger is to lend power and action to your spell work Ginger will spice things up.

Bloodstone is known as a "stone of courage" giving support and courage as one faces challenges in daily life and is also known as the stone of the "Spiritual Warrior" it is calming eliminating confusion and revitalising the mind especially if you are mentally exhausted.

Bloodstone works wonderfully with the powers of Red Jasper to protect and ground energies in the body.

Garnett stokes the passionate fire in one's life enhancing creativity, sexuality and stimulates energy. It balances the energy of anger and transforms, balances and empowers the second chakra with a positive flow of energy.

 Color magic in Red for Strength, Passion, Power, Courage,  and Love.

Handcrafted with love; Magickally and Crystal Charged the Ares God Collection Teacup Candle is made with 100% all natural soy, Faerie Dust, essential oils and herbs. 8 oz candle.

May you see your desires manifest,


 Please use caution when burning any kind of candle,  do not leave  unattended or burn next to flammable items.