Healing Bath Salts
Healing Ritual Bath Salts
Healing Ritual Bath Salts
Healing ritual bath salts

Healing Ritual Bath Salts

Periwinkle's Realm
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These intensely healing ritual bath salts are magickally charged with the ultimate healing energy of bloodstone.  A mixture of salt, essential oil blend and herbs there is no better way to ease pain and hit the reset button.  This blend is perfect not only for physical healing but also for spiritual and emotional healing as well.  For centuries people have turned to salts, herbs, and oils for healing what ails them long before the time of today's medications.  This enchanting concoction comes in a 6 oz. glass jar with a wooden spoon and reusable herb bag for the bath.


Blessed Be!


Ingredients: epsom salt, sea salt, fast healing oil, rosemary and a moon charged bloodstone.

How to use:  scoop out about 3 oz. or a handful of salt and sprinkle in a hot bath. If you don't like the herbs floating in your bath you may use a large reusable tea bag. Place the bloodstone in the tub as well to charge the water.  All gemstones and crystals at Periwinkle's Realm are moon charged for optimum potency and power.

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