Haunt Me Not Votive
Haunt Me Not Votive
Haunt Me Not Votive

Haunt Me Not Spell Votive

Periwinkle's Realm
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My wonderfully powerful magickally charged Haunt Me Not Spell Candle is the perfect thing for helping you chase away those Ghostly Nastys in your home.  Over the years homes start to develop a personality of their own.  If neglected houses are left open to negative energy and can attract Malevolent Spirits.  This is really draining and sometimes even scary to the residents.  Also some homes have had events happen in them such as a death.  Whether of natural causes, suicide, or murder this can leave an imprint on the home.  It's important to talk to your house and make it a loving space to discourage these entities from wanting to stay. 

This blend of Lavender, Lilac & Black Tourmaline helps to heighten your awareness of Spirit, allowing you to do all things in Love and protect your aura.  Lavender awakens our Third eye, this enables us to protect it. Lilac is a symbol of love, however it is also excellent for exorcism. Black Tourmaline is a shield from negative energies, specifically protective for Empaths, Tourmaline blocks the aura from negative influence. These candles are made of a wonderful blend of soy wax and palm oil.  All of my votives have paper core wicks so they are environmentally safe.  The scent is wonderful so you can enjoy the candle while removing the negativity.

While burning your candle say something like:

"Negative energy may not stay,

I release it and send it on it's way,

Negative energy I banish thee,

As I Will it, So Mote it Be!"

May your home and space be full of fun and happy energy.


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