Orange Ritual Salt
Orange Ritual Salt
Orange Ritual Salt

Orange Ritual Salt

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Handcrafted Orange Ritual Salt works great for Compassion. Crystal charged with Carnelian. This salt can be used in large or small amounts to enhance the magick you cast into the universe. These salts offer protection & enhance manifestation power.

Orange Ritual Salt holds a very warm and compassionate energy. Orange salt welcomes new beginnings, healing, fertility, transformation and a sense of survival. Overall this color make us feel cozy much like sitting in front of a wonderful hearth fire on a winters night. Charged with the essence of Carnelian crystal, this salt can work to bring you into a place of comfort, spiritually, physically and emotionally. You can use this salt in a mix of water and add it to your plants, as you offer a little nurturing to life. What goes around comes around, so you'll be sure to be cared for in your days as well.

This lovely little corked bottle holds 2 oz of crystal blessed colored ritual salt. It is adorned with a beautiful silver Triquetra charm, representing mind, body & spirit.

Ways to use your Ritual Salts:

* Roll a candle of associated color in the salt for purification & color magick.

* This may be used to cleanse and recharge like crystals.

* This can be used in a ritual bath in small amounts or added to water to bless and charge it before ritual work. It may also be sprinkled around your sacred space for purification or used to cleanse ritual tools.

*Because salt absorbs negative energy it should only be used once. Change it out or sweep it up weekly or when it feels like it's no longer working. 

To Discard this salt you can bury it somewhere far from your home or workplace, throw it into the wind blowing away from your space, throw into a fire, or toss it into a river, creek, or ocean. The key is not to discard this salt near your home or work space.

Handcrafted with Love

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