Wealth and Happiness Perfume

Wealth and Happiness Perfume

Periwinkle's Realm
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This delightfully handcrafted Magickal Wealth & Happiness Perfume is scented with a blend of Pomegranate Fragrance Oil and essential oils. Crystal Charged with Sunstone.

Lily of the Valley is known to cheer the heart and lift the spirits. 

Chamomile is calming and used to attract money.

Patchouli is useful in attracting money and physical energy. 

Sunstone is such a happy stone full of the colors of Sunlight. It's great for injecting Positive Energy into your Wealth.

This Magickally Charged Perfume comes in a 10 ml glass perfume bottle beautifully decorated with Orange Roses; Packaged in our Organza Bag.

May your life be full of Happiness and Wealth,